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Adding distance and consistency to your game


How often have you bought equipment off the shelf and found that it doesn't deliver the yards you thought it would?  A custom fitting will guarantee the results you are looking for.

Using our full range of custom fit carts and demo clubs from the top manufacturers and with the help from the latest ball tracking technology, we will be able to experiment with various club heads, shafts and lofts to determine the perfect set of clubs for you!


What is involved in a custom fitting?

During the 60 minute custom fitting we use either the FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor or the TrackMan Launch Monitor. While you hit a few balls, the monitors will measure ball speed, launch angle, backspin rate, sidespin, total shot carry and the complete trajectory of the ball, as well as many others.

By utilising this information, we are able to use our expert teaching techniques and our knowledge of custom fitting to improve your distance, accuracy and consistency to ensure you have fun when you play.


Brands we custom fit










How much does a custom fitting cost?

60 minute Iron fitting - From £40
60 minute Wood fitting - From £40

We are so confident in our abilities and our launch monitors, that if you are not satisfied with your fitting we will refund you the £40.

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